Monday, October 15, 2007

Role of Online CRM in Sales and Marketing

You have probably heard this a million times before that Online CRM can work wonders for the sales and marketing department of your company. But how does it do this is a question very few people manage to answer. Sales force automation is what it is called and effectively you are automating your complete sales and marketing team.

An online CRM has such an easy to use interface that within minutes a sales executive can view and manage existing as well as new leads, update team as well as individual pipelines with a single click, export or print your spreadsheets with a click etc. Now these are tasks that might have occupied a lot of your time and manpower in the past.

Marketing automation

The number one thing that an online CRM tool does is that it integrates your sales and marketing team at the core. This makes it easy for both the teams to function singularly as well as in tandem.

A CRM tool has a list of specialized marketing screens and dashboards which can be used by operational as well as managerial staff and also third party telemarketing agencies.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Role of Online CRM in spelling success in a small business Customer Relationship Management

From increasing revenue to recurring revenue, customer relationships are the heart of practically every business structure. Managing customer relationships are a crucial part of a business success or failure. With such a magnitude, one is bound to find diverse assistance online which proves to be a challenge choosing the appropriate online CRM.

Online Customer Relationship management is an essential software tool for any small business. Online CRM provides a streamlined approach when dealing with the basic operational functions, namely sales, marketing and customer services. It facilitates small businesses to stay ahead, by providing them with customer-centric applications to suit their specific requirements.

Is the role of Online CRM Essential for a Small Business?

  • Secure collection and analysis of essential customer information .

  • kAssimilation and availability of mission critical data, without the time of space constraint.
  • Sales when automated synchronizes with the changing trends, facilitates quicker time to market product-centric services.

  • Professional cost-effective marketing strategies, which in-turn will ensure. quicker turn-around time to customer-centric services

  • Fully scalable web-based feature-rich streamlined approach.

  • Innovative mission-critical data warehouse provisions at low risk.

Successful small businesses are those who have taken a holistic approach where they treat online CRM as not just a strategy but also as the state of the art software to suit their unique requirements. The role of online CRM is essential in determining the long run turnover of a business, provided one selects the appropriate online CRM which suits their unique business requirements.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Online CRM – The Need of the hour

Centralized planning management of customer relationship documentation was associated only with big business houses. The need arises to have a central frugal point for all customer-centric requirements, lead to the conceptualization of CRM Customer Relationship Management.

Traditional CRM Vs Online CRM

Traditional CRM helped in bringing about an extensive quantifiable collection of vital statistics and information about customer, sales leads etc. The main difficulty was that it was being duplicated as the information was available but not shared between the various departments. This in turn had lead to the conceptualization of online CRM.

The need for online CRM

The need for online CRM has become the most essential strategy with small and medium business houses. With the implementation of online CRM, you can save business time besides increasing productive capacity while enhancing the closure of more sales leads increasing the over ROI.

  • Online CRM enables collection as well as sharing of client information from a single simple mission critical data warehouse anytime anywhere in a professional secure manner

  • It facilitates sales automation

  • Integration and collaboration of process-centric strategies boost the image and credibility of the business house.

  • One to one, highly interactive customer relationship management techniques to suit your unique business requirements.

  • Ground breaking online CRM strategy, also encompasses streamlined approaches for maintaining customer loyalty and further promote customer retention.

  • Provides you with a cogitative insight of where the sales procedures are being stalled and needs immediate attention to turn around the ROI.

  • Ensure reliable feature-rich forecasting techniques to suit your specific business requirements.

Online CRM has come along way improving the customer relationship management of both small and medium size businesses. It also facilitates the increase in the conversion of leads to sales. This enhances the turn over as well as the ROI of the business.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Benefits of Online CRM

More Benefits of Online CRM…

Online CRM solutions tap the power of Internet into one secure application, which you can login and use anytime to manage your entire business-customer relationship issues.

Online CRM solutions are founded on the SaaS (Software as a Service) concept. The applications run on the provider’s secure server and are delivered to you via the Internet. Without time or distance confines you can access and use the applications from anywhere, anytime.

Few key benefits of using online CRM solutions for customer relationship management:

  • Stores vital customer data in a secure organized manner

  • Creates and maintains detailed customer profiles

  • Offers instant secure access to customer data from any location

  • Provides a host of tools to login customer preferences individually

  • Facilitates quick analysis of customer information to determine customer preferences

  • Makes it easy to provide one-to-one customer services

  • Maximizes customer satisfaction, improves customer loyalty, and increases customer retention

Most online CRM solutions also act as comprehensive collaboration tools. You can interact live with your superiors, colleagues, employees, or any others based upon need. As collaboration tool, online CRM helps to:

  • Streamline business functions

  • Integrate and automate sales, marketing and support functions

  • Track leads

  • Draft effective marketing strategies

  • Manage administrative tasks

  • Share business information / tasks / documents in real time

There is more…

  • No expensive hardware, software requirement

  • Zero maintenance

  • Minimum or no cost for upgrades

  • Complete security

  • Quick deployment and customization

  • Institutive interface which is quick to learn and use

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


CRM is acronym for customer relationship management. CRM helps businesses to manage customer relationships in an organized manner. CRM involves the entire process of pre-sale , sale and post-sale relationship with the customer. It involves all aspects of communication between the organization and the customer. CRM helps in analayzing the cusomter interests and there by provide products and services as per customer requirements. CRM allows organizations to build more profitable customer relationships and decrease over all operating costs and improve the over all business.

CRM mainly focus on three major areas :

  • Operational

  • Analytical

  • Co-Operational

Operational CRM : It is aimed at automating business functions such as Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.
Analytical CRM : Supports in analyzing customer behavior and gathering business intelligence data from the customer.
Co-Operational CRM: Helps in interacting with the customer including web, phone and fax.

Different Types of CRM :
  • Online CRM (also called hosted crm, crm on demand)

  • ON-Premises CRM(which is also called traditional crm)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Online CRM

Online CRM will give users greater mobility, fast access, rapid implementation and highly customizable features in the most cost effective way possible.Hence it is considered to be more beneficial than the traditional CRM systems. Online CRM lowers the cost of ownership as it is an entirely online process where users can subscribe to the service and pay on a monthly or annual basis. It will also enable a business to subscribe to particular features of the online CRM without having to pay for the features that they do not need.

The time taken for implementation of an online CRM is also less since it only involves online configuration and bypasses the need for installations, backend systems, hardware server infrastructure and other processes that a conventional or Traditional CRM software would have to go through.

Benefits of Online CRM for Small Business

online crm provides perfect solutions for the specific needs of small businesses. It also helps in mangaging various business activities such as :

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Billing and Expense

  • Project Management

  • Human Resources

  • Customer Service

Online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions make customer as the main focus for all the activities in the enterprise. They help the businesses to understand the customer needs and serve the customers in more better way CRM Solutions help in increasing the revenue:

  • By reducing operational costs.
  • Simplifying Sales and Marketing Processes.
  • Broadening the Customer base.
  • Providing better Customer service.